Hello, WikiaContributer or legit user! I will refer to you as Clarice for the time being. Did you come here to submit your FOP fanfiction and add some quality to our wiki? Welcome and get ready to enjoy putting your fiction here!

Did you come here to go and grief our wiki, and do a simple resonance cascade of vandalism? Ahh.. Think again, twerp Clarice.

You may do as much damage as you wish... just don't forget you'll face the consquences, Clarice. The wiki policy has every bit of rules you must follow when editing or adding a page or photo/picture/image. Breaking them will give you a block period depending on what have you done.

But vandalism? Swearing and cussing on Jorgen's and Vicky's pages for no apparent reason? We hate this. Ruining the structure of Poof's own page? Not allowed. Advertising in Timmy's page about your real life babysitting service? NO! Completely replacing all information about Cosmo with a noob's "MNNMMNMNM"? Are you kidding?

Remember though. You may do the above thing, but watch as we, wizardly administrators, revive the quality in the page and the text you've just destroyed. And in return, block you from ever ruining our wiki, forever. No matter how big the damages you've done or how widespread they were, you're technically doing nothing and in essence, wasting your time on us, Fairly Fanon Wiki, to strip the quality for an hour or two. Before we can bring it back using our lovely tools. Also don't think we'll have to rewrite everything, no...

So please, this is for twerp Clarice. You're doing nothing, in fact you're urging us administrators to magically send you to our dedicated IP/username prison. Its more humiliating for you to get blocked than for us to block you, as we laugh at your misfortune like if we were 4 Vickys. And its more humiliating to be laughed at from 4 Vickys than one Vicky.

For our hero Clarice, you're welcome, to do whatever you want here as long as you stay in the rights and the limits of our small and simple policy page, and not make the way to another vandalism "resonance cascade".

Now go ahead with your imagination and share with us!

-The Fairly Fanon Wiki Staff