Two Fools and a Little Lady

Type of Genre:

Lifestyle, Dramedy, Humor, etc.


Animated Cartoon series

Starring Voice Actors:

Daran Norris as April Fool, Cosmo, Jorgen Von Strangle, and more

Cree Summer, Yeardley Smith, and Erin Fitzgerald as Stiffy Fool

Robert Costanzo as Nick

Original Airdate (s):

September 9th, 2012

Memorable Quote (s):

"We're one big Stupid Family!" — Stiffy Fool, Unknown episode.

Two Fools and a Little Lady or 'Duo Insipiéntes et paulo Domina in Latin America, is an animated spin-off based on the life between Nick, April Fool, and April's younger sister/daughter, Stiffy Fool.

Series Plot/OverviewEdit

When Nick and April become Roomates in a duplex of their own, They must learn how to survive taking care of April's little sister, Stiffy.


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  • The title of this series and the plot of this series bears a simlar resemblence to the Live-Action movie "Three Men and a Baby"