Trixie jealousy
Season 2(TNOVOTT), Episode 3
Air date -
Written by I Love Fairly OddParents
Directed by -
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Trixie jealousy is the third episode of Season 2 in TNOVOTT.


Timmy is jealous of Tad and Chad's popularity so he wished himself to be popular,but when that happened Veronica and Trixie suspected that Mr.Crocker was right so they joined Mr.Crocker while Tad and Chad were dumb because Timmy wished them dumb so they won't ask him why.But he completely forgot about Trixie and Veronica.While the two girls joined Crocker,Cosmo and Wanda told their godchild about Crocker's trick.The trick was to let Trixie pretended that she love Timmy and Veronica really be nuts.But Timmy won't listen.If Trixie pretended that she love Timmy and be with him the whole day,he can be happy enough to lose his god family.Veronica is useless in the plan.