Trixie Truth
Season 5, Episode 30
Air date TBA, Circa 2016
Written by User:PoofFan93
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Trixie Truth is the thirtieth episode of Season 5 in TNOVOTT.


Trixie's Tomboy side is accidently revealed to the entire school.


Francis, Tad and Chad saw a boy acting strangely at the comic and videogame store. They follow it to the school and unmasked it in front of other people (Chester, Remy, A.J., Tootie, Veronica, Principal Waxelplax, Crocker, other students, the mayor...): it's Trixie Tang! To complicate the things, Crocker wonders and suspect something: "How can it be possible then Trixie is interested to more boy stuff then the annoying popular thing? There only one explaination and she might have....FAIRIES GODPARENTS!" Timmy as well as Cosmo and Wanda have to find a way to get her out of trouble and there no point to burning back by erasing memories. This is the beginning of romance between Timmy and Trixie while Tad and Chad goes nuts and ended in the asalym in straight jacket wondering what Timmy have then they didn't have saying "we're POPULAR KIDS!" while spazzing like Crocker.

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