Tootie loves another person
Season 2 (TNOVOTT), Episode 1
Air date -
Written by I Love Fairly OddParents
Directed by -
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Tootie loves another person is the first episode of Season 2 in TNOVOTT.


Mr. Crocker decided to give the class homework and it needs two persons to finish it. Everybody has a partner except for Timmy and Tootie. Mr. Crocker said that Timmy and Tootie must be together. Tootie was very happy, but Timmy is sad. After being kissed by Tootie, Timmy wished that he has a cool friend in his class. The next day, Timmy was with the cool kid, James, he told Mr. Crocker he wanted to be with James to finish the homework. Mr. Crocker suspected that it was Timmy's fairies and agreed. Tootie was sad, her partner was a rock. Because James was so cool, everybody want to be his friend. Students crowed around him, he can't help Timmy at all. Tootie fell in love with James.No matter what Timmy do,he can't impress her.The homework is very important,if Timmy fail,he will have to restart the grade he was in again.What will Timmy do?