"Why won't you give my love a chance!?"

— Tootie

Gender: Female
Species: Human Child
Age: Varies (8-10)
Birthday: Unknown
Hair color:       Jet Black
Eye color:       Purple
Timmy Turner [future husband]
Tommy Turner [possible son]
Tammy Turner [possible daugther]
Vicky [sister]

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Tootie is Vicky's little sister. She has a crush on Timmy Turner that began from 3rd grade. Like Timmy, she hates Vicky, and also has to put up with her everyday due to how close she is to her. She is voiced by Grey DeLisle.

Common TraitsEdit

  • Chasing Timmy as part of her crush
  • Having at least one Timmy-related merchandise in her room
  • Hating Vicky and encouraging Timmy to trash her stuff
  • Trying to uncover her hate towards Vicky
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