Kristina "Tina" Tribune (born August 20, 1992) is a 10-year old girl, minor and fanmade (not real) character in FOP. She is also a main character from the spin-off "The Third Fairly Odd Parents" . She is totally different compared to Timmy, because she does not make selfish wishes (though not always) Tina also makes As in school, Even though she has Denzel Crocker as her school teacher.


Tina is friendly and nice, sometimes discribed as "Total Opposite of Timmy". She is extremly intelligent, hard-working and sometimes rude and selfish, but caring and optimistic.

Age and BirthdayEdit

Tina was born in August of 1992. In both series, Tina and Timmy are 10 years old, Although she was also seen as seen as baby, 5, 8, 23, and 30 years old.


Tina is voiced by Alyson Stoner officially. She is voiced by Kath Soucie in future and played by Allison Scagliotti (adult) and Ryan Newman (child) in live-action movies. The tune of her voice is very high pitched.


Tina is very smart and intelligent, her IQ is 164.


Tina has short brown hair, green eyes, a purple t-shirt, and violet pants. She speaks with East-Slovak accent. Although Tina isn't very pretty, or popular, two boys have crushes on her.

Relationships/Reaction to Other CharactersEdit

Olive OlivyEdit

She have very good relationship with her god mother. She likes her and for her is best fairy god mother ever. Like pet, have Olive like budgie.

Timmy TurnerEdit

From her arrival have with Timmy good relationship. They know about their fairy god parents. But she have with Timmy something like love-hate relationship because Timmy is little selfish and Tina little cowardly.

Josh TribuneEdit

Josh and Tina have very loving relationship of older sister and younger brother.

Kevin TribuneEdit

Kevin is Tina´s older brother. He hates Tina, but babysits her for pocket money. They have something like Vicky and Timmy relationship

Bella TigmificoEdit

Bella is Tina's cousin. They have very strange relationship, because they are changing/maturing. In Bella's debut episode was her rival, but becomes friends with Tina after she saves her life. Tina is annoying to her and Tina dosn't seem to care much. After that, Bella begins to become Tina's rival again. In later episodes she appears in, She mocks Tina, but for thier biggest problems they are good friends and although Tina hates her, she makes her happy.


Candace is Tina's best friend.

Gotam MullurEdit

Tina once dated him, but Sammy Connor is his current girlfriend.


Taylor is Tina's future spouse.


Tina once dated him, but Candace is his current girlfriend

Voice Actoresses in Other CountriesEdit

Blanca Hualde (Spain) Lena Beyerling (Germany) Yukana (Japan)


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