Timmy Turner



"What could possibly go wrong?""

— Timmy, Various episodes

— Timmy, Right before a disaster happens

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Timothy "Timmy" Tiberious Turner is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Turner. He has Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof as his Fairy GodParents. He is the main character in the animated T.V. series "The Fairly Oddparents!".

Common TraitsEdit

  • Saying "What could possibly go wrong?" right before a disaster
  • Claiming he got the stuff he wished for from the "internet"
  • Doing selfish wishes sometimes
  • Sacrificing his life for someone
  • Getting babysat and tortured by Vicky and being called "twerp" by her, and reacting badly to knowing this.
  • Keeping Vicky as his babysitter after he tries to get rid of her
  • Wishes that "everything was back to normal"
  • Getting "F"s from Mr. Crocker
  • Getting bullied by Francis