The same deal as before. Written by Vicky fan. PookaMustard (talk) 18:33, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

The Strike Back!Edit

  • Timmy: Heck, now the new writer is gone. Hopefully, I am now doing chores. (Comic zooms out to show him cleaning the toilet and Vicky is watching TV in the background) Stupid writers made some losers I can deal with my WORST fears when they put Vicky in them. Now she won't kill me! Righty?
  • Wanda: Yeah, I feel you, sport. When those LOSERS attack, they wouldn't be as scary anymore!
  • Cosmo: Yeah! What's the chances of them trying to hire that funny bear? You're safe and sound! Let us sing a victory song! (Sings a music horribly, Wanda hits him) Oww!! This is so cruel!
  • Wanda: Your singing is so bad, Cosmo! Come back when you join the latest Fairy Idol!

(Cosmo and Wanda sees Vicky going to the bathroom)

  • Vicky: What's with the noise, twerp? Victory over the writer that wanted me to kill you?
  • Timmy: Umm, yes?
  • Vicky: Well keep it down... I'm watching a show called Fairly OddParents, which features me and you! They want me to destruct the company that spies on us!

(Timmy is surprised, and realizes something)

  • Timmy: They're not spying, they saw us and put us on their storyboard and made up a sick story. That's all. Where's my pizza?
  • Vicky: How do you know that?
  • Timmy: Internet?

(Vicky draws out an anchovy pizza)

  • Timmy: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • Vicky: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I love torturing the twerp!

(Vicky left the room)

  • Timmy: I wish that show didn't exist! If Vicky knows I have fairies, I will never see you again, and then Jorgen will tell me that I could tell anybody that I have fairies except Vicky!! He'll also tell me the world will be doomed if this happens!
  • Wanda: Ok, sport!
  • Cosmo: Do you need a memory wipe?
  • Timmy: Yes?
  • Cosmo: Oh I know where this is going! Its going to the fishbowl

(Wanda glares at him. Both raise their wands, Timmy suddenly appears in a fully black space)

  • Timmy: Hello? Hello?? Cosmo? Wanda? Vicky? Ugh...... The newer writer has sent me to this wasteland. The writer must get fired, even if he became Dart Maxer.

(Cut to Wanda)

  • Wanda: Are we part of THAT show? Now the name makes sense. Verly Ott Perents sounds like fairy god parents! What? We're in a TV show? That stinks! I'll fire the writer with my magic. But people shouldn't see more of this, darn it! (Wanda raises her wand)

(The END!)

  • Vicky: Where the heck am I? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! What, the end??