The Fairly Off Parents! is a Canadian-American television series for children ages four and up. The series will be premiered on "TELETOON [Canada]"and "CARTOON NETWORK [U.S.]" around November 30, 2012, first as its 4-part/2-hour pilot episode of the full TV series, which it will be premiered around March 15, 2013, also on both of those networks. The series is a remade incarnation of the original 1999-2012 television series "The Fairly Odd Parents!". Unlike the first franchise/series, this series/franchise will air only on Teletoon [Canada] and Cartoon Network [U.S.]. 

Series PlotEdit

Ymmit Renrut is a happy child. Wonderful parents, and awesome babysitter, a friendly teacher — Life just couldn't get any better for Ymmit. That is, until, he accidently recieves his own fairy godparents, named Omsoc and Danaw, whom were sent by Negroj Nov Elgnarts, weakest and smallest fairy in the universe.


  • This series features all the main and/or minor characters that appear in the original show. However, compared to the original characters, the characters featured in this franchise are the complete and total opposite of their counterparts from the original show, opposing to the very first 1999-2012 incarnations. Personalities:

- Ymmit Renrut: Opposing to his alternate counterpart (Timmy Turner), Ymmit is kind and giving and friendly. Unlike Timmy, Ymmit is kind enough tp push his own greedy wishes aside just to help other needy kids. Ymmit has auburn hair and green eyes, and he wears a yellow hair and shirt.