Season 2 (TNOVOTT), Episode 2
Air date -
Written by I Love Fairly OddParents
Directed by -
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Tootie loves another person
Trixie jealousy

Sootie is the second episode of Season 2 in TNOVOTT.


Seeing that Trixie is so pretty, Tootie also wanted to be pretty. She brought contact lens and wore it the next day. Tootie had long hair (possible because of her pig tales) and eyes like other kids. All the boys who wanted Trixie's autograph also wanted Tootie's, including Timmy, who does not know that this is Tootie. Timmy asked what is Tootie's name, so she answered "Sootie". Timmy invited Sootie to go out for dinner tomorrow, and Sootie agreed. Trixie, who saw the original Tootie going home happily suspected that she was Sootie. Trixie slept in a tent beside Tootie's house. The next day, she climbed on to a tree beside Tootie's window, seeing the truth. Trixie will do anything to mention that Sootie is Tootie.