Gender: Female
Species: Pixie
Age: 1
Birthday: March 15th, 2012
Hair color:       Black
Eye color:       Purple
Personal Information
  Pixies, Inc.

Nega-Stanley, Nega World (AU Future)

  Pixies, Inc.
  Pixie World
  Sid, Sidface


Eric Cartman (Frenemy)

Shelly (Mother)

Sanderson (Father)

H.P. (Adoptive Grandfather)

Nancy (Adoptive Grandmother)

Lester(Future son)
Simon (Brother)

Diego (Half-Brother)

Deena (Half-Sister)

Tiki (Toucan)
Anti-Carrey (Adoptive Aunt)

Anti-Wally (Adoptive Uncle)

Anti-Wanda (Adoptive Aunt)

Anti-Cosmo (Adoptive Uncle)

Aneles (Adoptive Cousin)

Foop (Adoptive Cousin)

 "Oh, yes. Right there, Foop."



Sidney was, and is, the product of a one-night-stand between Sanderson and Shelly, who are genderbents of eachother. She lives in the original universe with her father, whilst her twin brother, Simon, lives in the genderbent universe with his mother.

Like most Pixies, she likes reading and studying. Basically anything boring.

She enjoys organizing things, and sitting on people's heads.

Despite being the oldest of the two, she's slightly smaller than Simon.

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Birth and CubehoodEdit

Sidney was born probably in Jamco, alongside her twin brother. She was born first, which ment she had dibs on living in the original Pixie World instead of her brother.

She was speaking fully within two days, but had trouble digesting solid food. The first thing she was able to eat without puking it up on Anti-Cosmo was pasta.

Her Father quickly picked up a routine of dropping her into boiling pots of water, leaving her in the freezer, leaving her in the microwave, and other things. He secretly loves her, but doesn't give a crap to show it.

Once she went to School, she made friends with Gao, an asian Pixie, and Sarah, her grandfather's cousin's daughter.

She spent most of her infant days hiding in cool, dry, corners of Pixie World, chewing on random objects.

Sidney also had many head-to-head enraged baby fights with her older cousin Foop, who was just nearly exiting his cube stage.


By the time she exited her 'cube stage', she was still incredibly small. Pixies kept stepping on her, resulting in her not growing correctly. 

She began finding a passion in organizing things when she was about four or five. She organized folders, papers, computer files, underwear, and other things. She also had a bad habit of preening others, which freaked them out and caused them to slap her with a fly-swatter.

Eric, one of her frienimies, showed up by the time she was around 10. She took an immediate dislike to him, as he continuously sprayed her with canned cheese, or did other things to torture her. Even Sanderson began to dislike him.

At the age of five or six, she began visiting her mother more often. They began to get incredibly close, because screw logic.


Sidney is allergic to mustard like her father and mother. She's also allergic to cat dander, but her parents don't have time 'fo dat, since they have cats. They'd rather keep their cats than Sidney.

Other random stuff nobody cares about because she's SidneyEdit

She has a fear of Ocean Sunfish, since they're so big .

She's only about the size of a baby dwarf hamster as a child and a normal hamster fully grown, compaired to a normal sized human.

she always lifts