Secret Revealed
Season 6, Episode 29
Air date TBA, Circa 2017
Written by User:PoofFan93
Directed by Butch Hartman
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The Secret Origin of Aldon BitterRoot

Secret Revealed is the twenty-ninth episode of Season 6 in TNOVOTT.


In Da Rules there is a new rule added. You may tell one person about your fairies and no more. And if you tell someone about them they get wishes too. So who will Timmy pick? Mom, Dad, Mr. Crocker, Chester, A.J., Trixie, or Tootie? He tries Mom. She was talking to someone on the phone. Dad said "Are you here to tell me a secret that I'm going to blurt to my friends if you tell me your secret?" That didn't help. Mr. Crocker. No Way. He was looking at Proof of Fairies and said, "If I happen to find out about someones FAIRY GODPARENTS!!! then I'll show my proof to the world. A.J. had a camera crew with him. Trixie always had boys around. Tootie. She'd be all over Timmy. Who will Timmy choose?!


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