Early Life:Edit

She was the same age as Vicky and a lost cousin of Vicky and got lost again in Dimmsdale Park and got adopted when she found Mrs.Turnell and Mr.Turnell and went to the school where Vicky went when she was young until she reach middle school.. 

Middle Life:Edit

When she reached middle school her little sister was born, Chelsea Turnell,then She made friends like Brittany and Vicky which is her cousin.,But then she had a crush on Tom Joan BUT! Tom Joan moved to another school and another student came Trevor NoodleSoup and they spent time knowing each other then they came together to high school.

Adult Life:Edit

Many Years passed and Roxy and Trevor had 2 baby twins, a boy and a girl,Chelsea is now 10 and being friends with Timmy,Chelsea does'nt need to be babysit she has her sister Roxy and her sister's boyfriend.

Coming Soon....Edit