Creator : Igor0the0mii2, Also known as Igor the Mii.

Chapter 1Edit

timmy : *wakes up* Uh? what's that noise of that meteor?

Trixe : help me!!!!!!

Timmy : i gonna save you

timmy tries to save trixe but fails.

??? : *files away* 

(w/a: that was gargan)

Timmy : Nooo!!!

???2 : i can help you.

Timmy : who are you? ,why you have brown hair?, what is that stange staff?

???2 : i am tempo, i might help you.

Timmy : are you a boy or a girl? 

Tempo : i am a boy, =) but i get annoyed when people say "TEMPO IS A GIRL!!!! xD" :|

cosmo and wanda walk into timmy and tempo.

Cosmo and Wanda : Who Is that Girl?

Igor0the0mii2 : Uhh. cosmo and wanda, i dont think tempo is a girl---

Tempo : WHAT YOU DID CALL ME?!?!?! >:(

Igor the Mii : Got to run, Bye! *runs away*

Tempo : Those Guys....|:(

Wanda : I am a Woman...=|

Tempo : i was replying to the brown haired boy and the green haired fairly man

Timmy and Cosmo : you are replying to us? Tempo?

Tempo : Yeah.



Tempo does not know Timmy and cosmo's Names, just to make the episode dramatic.