Illegally Blonda
Season 5, Episode 13
Air date TBA, Circa 2016
Written by User:PoofFan93
Directed by Butch Hartman
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Illegally Blonda is the thirteenth episode of Season 5 in TNOVOTT.


It is January and the first day of campaigning before the big Fairy World election for Fairy World Board Member. Jorgen von Strangle is in the campaign and so is Big Daddy. Their campaigns are going well with Jorgen's slogan being: Vote or Get Hurt! Big Daddy's slogan was: Your Trash and Votes Are Coming With Me! Wanda was in Fairy World and left Cosmo and Timmy on Earth working on Timmy's project in a safe proof container. Wanda goes to Blonda's house to ask her about her views on the election. She said that she didn't even know that there were elections going on. Wanda says that she would have to feel the wrath of elections because she was going to put her in the presidential elections. When Blonda is in the Presidential Race, she uses her popularity and beauty to get votes. On Election Day, everybody votes and one day later they tell who won. The polls show that Blonda won the Presidential Race. She starts to be a Board Member when she gets too many complaints about her ideas being too soap opera related and they vote to get her out of office. In the end, they find out that Blonda wasn't properly registered in the race and could have been cheating. She then gets kicked out of the Board Seat and Jorgen becomes the new board member.


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