Fairly World is the homeland of all the fairies. The capitial city is Jorgen City!

Fairly World
Vital statistics
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Inhabitants Fairies

People of Fairly World! Edit

  1. Cosmo
  2. Wanda
  3. Poof
  4. Jorgen Von Strangle
  5. Luigi
  6. Dan Cosma
  7. Mama Cosma
  8. Sparky
  9. Papa Cosma
  10. Jorgen Von Strangle Jr
  11. Timmy {Fairly}
  12. Evilton

History Edit

100,000 Years Ago, Fairly World was a pink space cloud. But in the year 0112 First Years, Fairly World was the magical place of wonder. Jack Cosma built all the buildings and Became first king of Fairly World. In the Fairly King Election it was Cosma`s Vs the Von Strangle`s and 677 Fairly Voted for the Cosma`s and 9,323 voted for the Von Strangle. 5 years after the election Anti-Fairly World was made and the Anti-Fairies had War with Fairly World! The Von Strangle`s thought a bake conpition with end the war! The Fairies won every year! Anti- Jack Cosma was sent to jail for the rest of his life! In 1020 BC the Von Strangle`s made a speech about Human kids that are bored and sad. They Made Fairies help kids and wish them anything. But, Cosmo and Wanda`s Godchildren back then was Evil. he wished bad things., The Von Strangle`s wrote the Da Rules! After that, Fairies can`t wish every wish they wanted like Turning yourself into a Fairly!