• When Vicky told Timmy that she loves making him think she is a mad doctor, she is referencing to Dr. Eggman from Sonic games.
  • The racers are named after many things:
    • Turbo Timmtastic is a reference to the character Turbo from "Wreck-It Ralph".
    • Attacking LOSER, Switching Glitch and Snow Bounder are named after FOP episodes, "When LOSERS Attack", "The Switch Glitch" and "Snow Bound" respectively.
    • Blurring Blue and Metal Speednik are named after Sonic's nickname (The Blue Blur) and Metal Sonic.
  • Timmy referenced the character Dick Dastardly from "Wacky Races", by saying "Drats, and double drats... and triple drats!"
  • Timmy: Lose, you must, Vicky!
    Vicky: There is no way I'm gonna lose! Ha!
    • Timmy referenced Master Yoda's lines from Star Wars. While Vicky referenced Jet the Hawk's quote when a race is starting in "Sonic Riders"
  • Vicky told Timmy to "Catch the pigeon", a reference to one of Dick Dastardly's cartoons.