• Jorgen's pudding is a parody of "Timmy's Secret Wish!"
  • Vicky: Fryser may look greater and more powerful than I actually will look like, but he gets beaten by two Italian kids, and without fairies. While I'm the unstoppable nightmare of all kids!- Fryser is a parody of Bowser, and the two Italian kids are a parody of the Super Mario Bros.
  • Blocko Dimmsdale is a parody of the episode "Pipe Down!"
  • Felix Skully is a parody of Wreck-It Ralph
  • Vicky: Grrr! I'll make you pay for THE EYESSS!! -The final part of the line is a parody of the gag used in "When LOSERS Attack!"
  • Vicky: ALL SYSTEMS. FULL POWER. CRC CHECK: ERROR. SYSTEM SHUTDOWN. -"All systems, full power!" is a line said by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Adventure. "CRC CHECK: ERROR" is a parody of CRC errors in WinRAR.
  • Vicky: I ATE them! Hmm... They tasted like, Crimson Chins, Crash Nebula merchandise, some Space Wars fools, Fairly Odd Parents DVDs, Danny Ph- -This line is a parody of almost everything Vicky said. Also, "Fairly OddParents" is mentioned right here!
  • Felix: ...SKYLURKERRRRRR! -This is a reference to Luke Skywalker from Star Wars