• The first segment had many references to Star Wars:
    • Vicky: "...I'll be the galaxy's most feared man!"; This line is a parody of Darth Vader
    • Timmy: "Not so fast! That galaxy far far away had it enough!"; A parody of the opening of Star Wars movies
    • Vicky: "That's a long time ago, twerp."; Another parody of the opening.
    • Vicky: "Join me, and together, we will rule the galaxy as a babysitter and her twerp!"; A parody of one of Darth Vader's quotes
    • Timmy: "I'll never join you!"; This is the exact line said by Luke Skywalker to Darth Vader
  • The remote mentioned by Vicky in the beginning is a reference to "Channel Chasers" when she almost ruled the world.
  • The "Gloom Carrier II" is a reference to the Egg Carrier from Sonic Adventure
  • The gas the Gloom Carrier II released is a reference to the gloom from "A Fairly Odd Christmas", hence the name. Unlike the gloom in the mentioned movie, it made Timmy and Tootie bad, and Vicky nice
  • Tootie orders Vicky to hit herself with the frying pan, a running gag in "End of the Universe-ity"
  • Obsidian's resistance to magic is a parody of Minecraft's obsidian, which is resistant to TNT explosions
  • Crocker: "...See that creepy metalhead, or *whispers* Vicky. Maybe they already destroyed him. Oh Timmy!"; A reference to "When LOSERS Attack"
    • Jorgen: "Drrr! I hate these days!"; A reference to the recent days of the cartoon, which is plagued by character exaggeration. Also a reference to his goofy appearances recently
  • Jorgen gives Chester pudding. This is a reference to "Timmy's Secret Wish" and his new characterization
  • Jorgen: "Timmy, follow me! I'll set you free, it will be a dangerous way. But trust me! We will escape!"; A parody of the Sonic Adventure 2 song, "Escape from the City"