Fairly Vickyous! is a Fairly OddParents fanfiction written and directed by PookaMustard. It revolves around Timmy with Vicky as his torturous fairy godparent, and their misadventures. As a result of Vicky being his godparent, he lost Cosmo and Wanda, and she became a fairy by stealing Jorgen's wand. Timmy and Jorgen team up together to get the latter's position as the strongest and the most powerful fairy ever, and they try many routes to do so.

As of recently, the fiction is discounted due to work on another long, plot based story.

Notes of interestEdit

  • The characterizations are from Season 3, with Vicky still being a sadist, and Jorgen being serious for an obvious example.
  • Vicky's attire in fairy form resembles Jorgen's attire, and she only appears as that to Timmy, Jorgen, Tootie and whoever she torments with her magic.
    • Otherwise, she wears her normal attire.
  • When Jorgen got demoted, he had Vicky's attire. This is the only time he did so, before changing back to his normal attire.
  • Timmy and Jorgen made their tree house a safe house, and also provided with an advanced computer fortress
    • It is built out of obsidian, a material that CAN'T be affected by magic, hence why Vicky couldn't destroy it. This is also a reference to Minecraft's obsidian.
  • Vicky's fairy disguise is a red mini octopus.
  • The "Poof!" clouds say "Vicky-Poof!" in the case of Vicky.
    • And when these clouds show up, an explosion is seen and heard.
  • There are references to "Sonic the Hedgehog" games everywhere.
  • Tootie is mentioned at least once per episode.

Episode/Chapter/Entry/Event ListEdit


Title Brief Summary
1 The Icky Beginning Everything turns for the worst when the Turners hire Vicky for the 10,000th time. As Vicky tortures Timmy using old moments that Timmy thought would kill him, such us blasting him with a laser and putting him under an axe pendulum, Timmy finds out they were nothing but mere pranks to scare him off. Timmy gets his revenge on Vicky, only for her to grow more suspicious of his goldfish. What could possibly go more wrong? Find out in the big beginning of the great plot.
2 Torture Zone A classic plot, involving the same Timmy and Vicky, but without Timmy's source of power. See as our favorite protagonist gets terrorized, by our favorite antagonist, in a rather twisty plot!
3 Trouble o' Tootsday Tootie meets the really really new threat, Vicky. She's always an old constant threat to her, but after she learns of her new change, that is being a cruel fairy, she uses Vicky to finally hang out with Timmy, unaware of what she did with the wishes she granted to the little sister before. What's going to happen to Tootie and Timmy, as an even newer threat? Find out.
4 Clone Un-Control A new ride opened up in Adrenaland, hyping up Timmy and Vicky, but because of the latter's control over him, she decides he is not going to ride it and makes a clone to look over him while she's out. Everything goes too awkward when the clone happens to have no control. How will Timmy deal with this new difficulty?
5 The Fortressy Midnight Jorgen discovered one of Vicky's weakness points, that is sleeping, due to her torture that tires her quickly, and used it to talk to Timmy freely in the midnight at Timmy's treehouse. They're going to get a fortress to defend themselves from her and as a base of operations. Can they set it up in time, though?
6 The Grand Med-EVIL Castle Vicky gets a bad nightmare, which made her go meaner than usual, to the point she changed Tootie's bed with a toilet after she yelled so loud, waking her up. As Jorgen wakes up inside Timmy's tree-fortress, he asks the fortress' CPU for information. Only to find that Timmy walked out without him, blaming Vicky for this... how will this end?
7 Crockering Season Jorgen gets a new plan to try and overthrow Vicky, and that is using Timmy as a distracting tool for her and get Mr. Crocker to capture her, in order to get her wand and become a fairy again. How will his plan turn out to be?
8 Transformed Mini-Dash A big remote controlled car race is about to begin as Timmy learns that in order for him to join, he must have a guardian because he's under 15. Timmy goes to his parents, hoping that his guardian wouldn't be Vicky, only to find out that Mrs. Turner is ill, and they have to leave him with Vicky, who will ruin the day for him as always. How will it end?
9 Jetmaniac Chase Timmy takes the opportunity to steal Vicky's jetpack and fairy gear and uses them to run away from her, as her magic became very limited without them. Meanwhile, she meets an old enemy of Timmy's and uses him to her advantage. What will happen?
10 What's going on? While Vicky's trying to find entertainment, Fairy World questions where did Jorgen go. Wanda fears the worst, the Special Fairy Finding Forces, a.k.a. the SFFF, bringing Vicky to court and turning Fairy World to a mess. What's going to happen, and what's going on? Meanwhile, Timmy and Jorgen are playing a game of International Crisis.
11 Torture Zone: Act 2 Timmy comes home from school only to see his parents leaving him Vicky so they can check on Aunt Gertrude. Worse, she claims to be angry at the world. How will Timmy survive the second act of torture chases?
12 Burning Passion Vicky's clone from "What's going on?" has totally went out of control just like last time after the clone learns of the fairies' immortality. She set Fairly World on fire, and took away the magic of all fairies, even Vicky herself. Wanda however won't leave her, the clone, burn as much as she wants...
13 Anti-Evil! Timmy Turner is once again living his miserable life of survival with his many enemies, Vicky included. However, because of Vicky's transformation to a fairy, Anti-Cosmo and his family discovers something... that would help them.
14 Metal Desert Vicky takes Timmy to the desert, and this is when they meet their metal doppelgangers. What are they going to do?