Cosmo and Wanda have another baby, Astrid.

Beginning: Cosmo throws up on Timmy repeatedly, and Timmy sighs and asks if Cosmo's pregnant again, which Cosmo happily replies that he is. Wanda smiles and bounces Poof in the air, telling him he's going to be a big brother. Poof looks confused.

Middle: Cosmo goes through his normal routine of barfing, mood swings, cravings, (Wallpaper) and now has a sensitivity to smells. After the baby shower, Cosmo tells Timmy that he's having a girl. Wanda acts overjoyed, especially now she knows she can buy all the baby dresses and hair bows she wants. She runs off on a shopping spree.

End: Wanda has gone obsessed with preparing for the fairy baby. She makes Cosmo relax, and spends two weeks straight in the baby room. Cosmo goes into labor and screams to Timmy to get her, but when Timmy opens the door, he finds Wanda asleep in the baby's crib. Wanda wakes up and tries to get out of the crib, but she is stuck without her wand. Cosmo gives birth to Astrid while Wanda's stuck in the crib.

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