A crossover between Fairly Odd Parents and the Loud House.

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When Timmy Turner, Chloe, and his parents vacation to Royal Woods, Michigan, Timmy meets some unlikely allies in the Loud family, a big family that resides there. Meanwhile, the fairies and Foop are along for the ride, and end up getting discovered by the Loud siblings. Lisa befriends Foop, while Leni befriends Cosmo, Lola befriends Wanda, and Lily befriends Poof, much to Timmy's dismay. Meanwhile, Vicky and Mr. Crocker also show up in Royal Woods and cause trouble.

Part 1 of the episode would be a Loud House episode, while Part 2 would be a Fairly Odd Parents episode.

Part 1 is named It's a Fairly Loud House, and Part 2 is named Meet the Loud House.

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