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Timmy Turner is a short, buck-toothed 10-year-old boy with a pink cap who lives in Dimmsdale, a small suburban town with his dim-witted parents. His life is constantly miserable; He is bullied by Francis and the popular kids at school, His insane teacher, Mr. Crocker, constantly fails him (and shows enjoyment out of it), his neglectful parents are never home, and he is babysat by a greedy, self-obsorbed, torturous teenager named Vicky, and that generally, no one understands him (as indicated by the show's theme song). But when he is left in Vicky's care for a whole night, everything changes; he receives two fairy godparents: foolish and hyperactive Cosmo and his wife, crazy yet more responsible Wanda, and they eventually (season 6;Fairly Odd Baby) have a fairy child together named Poof whom becomes Timmy's godbrother. Timmy learns that his fairy godparents are capable of granting him any wish he wants, within certain limits. However, Timmy's immature and reckless nature causes him to often ask for wishes that unintentionally result in disaster and he and his fairy godparents must find a way to "unwish" the wish. Timmy also learns that one day, he will lose his fairies when his life is no longer deemed "miserable". Until then, Timmy must keep his fairies identity a secret, specifically that they are his.

October 29, 2009
10 Fairly OddParents vs. The Scrambled States of America (And Put It On An Extra Zip Please!) Timmy Turner must get revenge on the fifty states because they had enough of getting in trouble...who will win beigging Dimmsdale and the U.S.of A? October 3 ,2009 The Fairly Oddparents Vs. The Scrambled States Of America AND PUT IT ON AN EXTRA ZIP PLEASE!
1 Fairy Fun  A chaotic duel with characters from Dimmsdale and Charmville erupts when Timmy wishes to go to the greatest lab in the universe for his science fair. The greatest lab in the universe just happens to be in Charmville Hazel's lab, but Hazel accidentally teleports himself into Timmy's universe. Now the two are stranded in each other's worlds. Now Hazel must shut down Seven, who Timmy uploaded a destructive video game into, before he destroys Charmville. Meanwhile, Hazel must stop Mr. Crocker from taking over Fairy World. stuff from his lab) and with Mr. Crocker's help (crocker only did it so he could get Timmy's Fairies), creates Mal-Timmy. October 3, 2010
Fairy Fun
2 Anti-Fairy Anti-Fairy Quite Contrary . Life is pretty magical for 23-year-old Timmy. He's managed to avoid all sorts of responsibilities by staying a kid at heart. He's even maintained his 5th grade status to keep his Fairy Godparents, Wanda, Cosmo and Poof! But when Timmy's childhood friend, Tootie, returns to town, Timmy is forced to deal with new crushy feelings for the once-dorky-now-gorgeous Tootie. Will he have to (*gasp!*) grow up?? But what would happen to his Fairy Godparents?? Tough questions for Timmy, but that's nothing compared to his big time battle with power-hungry evil business trying to take over his beloved Dimmsdale! It just might be time for Timmy Turner to do some growing up.[5] October 10,2011 [1]
3 Fairly OddPeg + Cat Tigre The Adventures of Manny Timmy and Peg

Timmy Turner makes his millionth wish which all of Fairy World has gathered to celebrate. But after reviewing his wishes, Peg and Cat finds that Timmy should be put on trial for being the worst godchild ever! WandaCosmo, and Poof think they can prove that Timmy's a good kid, until the truth comes out — Timmy has made a secret wish that Wanda, Poof and everyone else did not know about besides Cosmo, who forgot he granted it. because of Peg and Cat take over Miracle City Trouble Happens!

October 17, 2011 [2]
4 Beatdown Fairies

The Fair Bears Return to Dimmsdale so everything

can turn into sweet.

October 24, 2011 BEATDOWN FAIRIES
5 Wishology 2 Timmy saves the day from Fairy World and Dimmsdale again,but the L.O.S.E.R.S take over the World October 25,2011 Wishology 2
6 Fairly OddParents meets My Life as a Teenage Robots Timmy,Cosmo and Wanda must be caught by Jenny Brad Tuck Nora and the XJ Robots becaude the whole world took over the land. Tremorton made everything into bad. October 26, 2011 [3]