Damien Rouge
Gender: Male
Species: human
Age: 11
Hair color:       Black
Eye color:       Jet Black
Personal Information
  Regan Rouge

Trixie Tang (sort of)

  The Pixies

Jorgen Von Strangle Timmy Turner (Sometimes) Kimmie


Internet Sleeping Video Games

Fairy Godparents:
Regan Rouge

Kimmie Rouge

Production Information
First Appearance:
  Smells Like Horror!

Damien is Regan's older brother and Binky's other godchild.


Damien is easygoing and good-natured. He is just trying to survive middle school, failing to realize that middle school is unavoidable. Damien loves video games and would rather spend his spare time playing them than engaging in any form of outdoor activity, albeit on numerous occasions he has been forced into giving them up by an adult (particularly his mother) in order to take part in other activities, often against his will.


He was at one point jeleaus of Timmy Turner's buck teeth when he saw how much attention they got from the Tooth Fairy. The teath he wears are false, and his teeth are perfectly fine and normal. He wears mostly gothic attire, including a light blue shirt with a skull on it, a black trench coat, black hair, black jeans, and black leather shoes. He is about Timmy's height, despite being a whole year older. His eyes are jet black, like his sister's. His voice is similar to Chester McBadbat's during early FOP seasons.


Damien is lazy and selfish and rarely shows any remorse for his wrongdoings. He is totally oblivious to his own character foibles and considers himself basically flawless in personality as opposed to those around him, albeit he does not always treat his family, friends, and schoolmates respectfully, particularly his fairy godparent, Binky. On several occasions throughout the course of the series, people have been blamed for misdeeds that were actually committed by Greg in reality and he seldom took action in admitting his mistakes and allowing the falsely-accused person accept the punishments that he deserved more.

Damien's extreme personality and outrageous behavior always make life more interesting (and complicated).


His sister is Regan Rouge, and the two share the same fairy godparent; Binky Abdul. Although the two care for Binky, the will occasionally treat him like a slave. He and Regan are very independent of eachother, but occasionally hang out, mainly when they have a common goal or when they have to take down their evil older sister, Kimmie.

At the age of ten, He and Regan went to a summer camp called Camp Waskoka, which scared them to extreme extents. They had to spend there time there in a cabin containing a bear, a gorrila, and a wolverine. They currently has a fear of all three. They attempted to call their mom several times, but they were often too busy attending to Kimmie to pay any attention to their calls.

Through the misery of their time there, they gained a fairy godparent, Binky. He grants all their wishes to make them less miserable.

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