Introduction (Down)Edit

She is a 10 year old like Timmy Turner and first introduced at New Neighbor in Town! (Coming Soon)

She is also a student from Denzel Crocker and a new best friend of Timmy Turner even if she was a girl she also like awesome stuff.

Somehow in a new episode called Dream Land of Future (Coming Soon)  she dreams about her future self with Xaivier.



Charlotte - Friend and also neighbor.

Timmy - Best Friend forever.

Denzel Crocker - Always thank Crocker for giving her A++ everytime she does pop quiz.

Trixie Tang - An Old friend from elementary school.

Roxy Turnell - Good Big Sister

Xaivier McWill - (Love Interest or Future Husband) (Coming Soon)

Sweet Cream - FairyGod Parent (Coming Soon)


Francis - In a relationship but heart-broken when he tries to bully all of her friends.

A.J. - She hate him ever since A.J. won the best Science Project Award.

Vicky - Vicky always wins whenever she ruined her plans.

Tootie - Always make her clean up Tootie's stuff.

Lottie Cash - Chelsea is always spying on her because she once stole a part of her magic bike and never return it.

Family TreeEdit

Great Great Grandfather Arthur Turnell - Great Great Grandmother Melissa Turnell (1st Generations)

Great Grandmother Selena Turnell - Great Grandfather Thompson Turnell (2nd Generations)

Grandmother Rosey Turnell - Grandfather Eric Turnell (3nd Generations)

Mrs.Turnell - Mr.Turnell (4th Generations)

Chelsea Turnell - Xeiver McWill Roxy Turnell - Trevor NoodleSoup (5th Genrations)

Baby Owen NoodleSoup - ??? Baby Erica NoodleSoup -??? Baby Magnificent McWill(Future)   - ???

(6th Generations)  ^


She is like Timmy she always do awesome stuff also a great nerd like A.J. but lives in a fancy automobile like Chester but not a popular girl like Veronica or Trixie but Trixie prefer to be friends with Chelsea.