Blossom "Bloom" PixieDust is a fanmade character that appears in the Fanon Universe from the animated television series "The Fairly Odd Parents!".

Bloom is a special and one-of-a-kind fairy baby, with extremely unique enhanced magical abilities that are much more powerful than an adult fairy's combined!


Bloom was officially born and created on December 22nd, 2012. Her birth parents, Bud (father) and Sprout (mother), were unable to care for her due to the fact that a brutal Fairy, Anti-Fairy, and Pixie war was happening at the time when she first emerged into the world. Her parents reluctantly sent her to earth in order to help protect her, and Bloom has never seen them ever since. 

Upon arriving on Earth, Bloom quickly adjusted to her new and safe life on the planet. She soon became interested in the outdoors, especially nature. Bloom learned many things about the new and fresh environment, generally plants and animals. 

As she grew older, Bloom became a noble, loyal, and independent young fairy baby, also an intelligent one. Her adoptive mother, the one and only Mother Nature, carefully taught her how to keep the environment safe and sanitary, and most importantly, to keep away from human beings so her identity would never be revealed. Bloom was tempted to break the promise, as she did wonder what life was like outside nature.

On her sixteenth birthday, Bloom ran away from her home in the woods and traveled all the way back to her homeworld. Once she arrived back on her homeworld, that was when she realized that alot has changed over the years.

Devastated, Bloom traveled back to Earth and apologized to Mother Nature for leaving her. Much to her dismay, Mother Nature grudgingly accepted Bloom's apology.

And ever since then, Bloom has remained on Earth, helping injured animals and keeping her environment clean and healthy.