Blonda and Juandissimo are expecting their second child! However, this time, Blonda carries the unborn fairy baby, much to Timmy's curiosity. 

Once the new fairy baby emerges into the world, a new line of enemies has spawned as well, and they plan to kidnap the baby and harvest her power and indulge themselves with the riches of the universe! But there's a small twist within the new fairy that may take their devious a different turn! Can Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Juandissimo, Blonda, and Jorgen rescue the new baby in time? And what happens when the baby gains even more power than any other baby fairy ever?! 


(Transition to Fairy World Superdome, where a special New Years party is taking place.)

[It's New Years Eve, and all of Fairy World has joined in with the celebration! Including all the godparents and godchildren! Now, Timmy Turner and his godfamily, Cosmo, Wanda, and Poof, are chatting with their best family friends, Juandissimo and Blonda, along with their first-born son, Junior.]

Wanda: So, Blonda, I didn't think that you and Juan' would make it. [grins as she tickles Junior.] 

Blonda: [sigh] Well, we knew that Poof and Junior would like to have a playdate. 

Wanda: Blonda, is there something wrong?

Blonda: Oh, it's just that lately, Junior has been really lonely, so me and Juandissimo have tried to have another baby.

Timmy: And? Why can't you?

Blonda: Well, we'd need a godchild to wish one up. For a strange reason, Jorgen made it a law. 

Timmy: [gets an idea] Hey, why don't I wish for you and Juandissimo to have another baby?

Juandissimo & Blonda: {in usion} REALLY?

Timmy: Sure! [grins and shows those geeky buck teeth] Okay, Cosmo, Wanda, wands up! I WISH THAT BLONDA AND JUANDISSIMO WERE HAVING ANOTHER BABY!!


Timmy: Hm, that's weird, nothing happened! Why isn't Juandissimo throwing up already like he did when he was preggers with Junior?

Blonda: [vomits all over Timmy] Bleh, I don't feel so good... 

Timmy: [wipes himself off] Hey, what's going on here?!

Juandissimo: Well Timmy Turner, when a fairy man and a fairy lady have a second child, this time, the lady fairy has the baby instead of the man! 

Timmy: Whoa, why?

Juandissimo: [shrugs] Nobody knows why. It just happens.